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About the Project

The LW Clark Tower interior is designed around patient focus and optimises staff observation and natural daylight. The material palette is kept minimal and warm to avoid the typical clinical look and create greater cost efficiencies and wayfinding prompts with a clear repetition. The hierarchy of materials and colours is used to demarcate patient, staff and back of house areas. Thus making it easy to know where to go and empowering visitors and patients.

The biophillic principals are applied across the interior design. The layouts are patient focused, and optimise staff observation and natural daylight. Every room is fitted with large windows across the width on the ward levels and generously across each patient bay to allow for maximum views of the surrounding bushland. The material palette is minimal and warm to avoid the typical clinical look and enhance cost efficiencies. To assist with the hotel room aesthetics the medical services are orientated away from the patient.

The signage is simple and based on the less-is-more model whereby long words are avoided and pictograms are used wherever possible. This enables a larger international patient base to find all the essentials without having a language barrier.



Sydney Adventist Hospital


Completed 2014

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