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Delivering tailored, quality design solutions across multiple sectors,
Martin & Ollmann create exciting outcomes ensuring meticulous attention to every detail from inception through to completion.

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In Brief

We have a passion for innovative design and precise resolution of every detail.

Backed by more than 40 years of experience, Martin & Ollmann is a contemporary architectural design practice that prioritises each client’s needs on a personal and individual basis.

A vision is more than just having an idea; it’s about possessing the know-how to execute unique innovative concepts. Combined with an unwavering approach to meticulous detail, Martin & Ollmann will deliver your vision – with the greatest precision.

Vision & Precision

We marry creativity with 100% delivery.

Design & Technology

At Martin & Ollmann the latest technology is employed to assist the process of design, not to direct it.


No two projects are ever the same. Each new project is a challenge to produce a unique and valued asset for the client and the wider community.

The combined skills and enthusiasm of our team ensures that at every stage your project is injected with expertise and a drive to create a lasting vision. Our expertise extends across many typologies of buildings and design challenges – the constant is our dedication to exceed the vision and expectation of our client.

We approach every project with determination and a positive drive.

Martin & Ollmann’s promise is to ensure continuity and clear communication through the entire design process and to create architecture that is both functional and visionary.

We approach every project as a unique opportunity; we question the status quo, and interrogate the client’s brief to create the best design solution possible.


Martin & Ollmann were one of the first to adopt BIM processes in Australia.

The result is award-winning architectural solutions for clients with detailed virtual models and consistently high-quality documentation.

We also use BIM software as a means of communication – corresponding with clients and stakeholders through all aspects of design across a range of immersive 2D and 3D media at every stage of the journey.

We take advantage of open BIM technologies, such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), allowing for precision transfer of model data between platforms for clash detection and other crucial methods of quality assurance. We’ve implemented BIM software packages such as ArchiCAD, Solibri and dRofus.

Our sophisticated BIM practices dramatically increase accuracy and reduce unexpected design errors and costs. We have a dedicated BIM technology manager to ensure we constantly improve its use, integrating our work seamlessly with other consultants and continuously training our team.


3D Design

Used from the inception of every project, 3D design software is an essential tool for our work. From 3D technology to hand sketches, Martin & Ollmann use all technologies to help our clients to better understand their projects.

Our software translates concept hand sketches into easily manipulable massing diagrams, with the required level of accuracy at each stage.

Representation of site contours and context, analysis of overshadowing and views, as well as the ability to manipulate options, provides an invaluable extension to the pencil.

As a presentation tool, 3D design software greatly assists clients and stakeholders to get a detailed understanding of all aspects of a design, with the ability to view a concept from any imaginable angle.




Coming Soon.

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